One of the biggest difficulties when hiring people on the Autistic Spectrum is actually the stigma and the prejudice surrounding Autism. 

Play The Interview and see if you can spot the person with Autism. Was it as difficult to interview them as you thought?

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GenreVisual Novel
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As an autistic person, I feel like this could be useful for allistic (non-autistic) people to learn how to accommodate autistic people in interviews. However, unfortunately many autistic people, even those with a lot of skill and potential, never finish their degrees due to institutional ableism in academia, which is a barrier to us getting even entry level jobs. Something like 80+% of autistic people are unemployed or underemployed. This game focuses on the small percentage of autistic people who have been able to fight through the structural ableism to have degrees and previous jobs in their desired field. Most of us won't get this far, and I feel like that's something that more companies need to address in their hiring processes. I've applied to dozens, even hundreds of entry level tech jobs, as someone who had over 150 credits towards a Stanford computer science degree, but because I was unable to finish the degree due to health, financial, and ableism issues, I can't get someone to take a chance on me. Of all those jobs I applied to, only one led to an interview, and that interview led to ghosting after an initially positive response, and finally an email that reversed their plans to move me forward in the hiring process. I'm almost 30 and still work part time for minimum wage outside of my desired field. It's going to take more than individual changes in interviewing strategies to improve things for autistic job seekers, but I don't have high hopes for structural change anytime soon


Oh my gosh, it's so freaking frustrating! Like, I get that it's not just a me being autistic thing, I understand that to some extent it's difficult for just about everyone to get work, but how the heck do I prove I'm qualified for any position when most of what people are looking for even in entry-level stuff is previous work experience? I'm twenty-four and the only jobs I've had in the past were part time; at this point, I see the appeal in basically working for free at an internship just to get my foot in the door somewhere, but like all the ones that I've found are only for people who've been enrolled in a college program for some time.

Really great game! Im helping develop a gaming festival for and by autistic people. Could we feature a link to your game on our website?

Hi willowRit - absolutely! Let me know if there is anything else you might need from me :)

Thanks a lot! I'll let you know if I need anything :)

I truly enjoyed this game. I agree that everyone would benefit from having more specific questions. I'm interviewing actively right now and this was very helpful for me, especially to see someone dealing with anxiety. It makes me feel like I could be a successful interviewee as well.


Really cool design, love the art.


This is very nice! Both the art style and narrative!


Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it!